injung Consultant Co., Ltd. is a leading certified environment consulting firm that is specialized in Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) and Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment(SEIA) which cover streamline of all Environmental Assessments from initial Environmental Site Assessments(ESA) to final construction.

Injung Consultant Co., Ltd. has 13 employees in total, and it has 11 high qualified and trained professional consultants covering soil and groundwater assessments and remediation, air quality control, wastewater management, environmental chemistry, geology, geography, chemical engineering, groundwater modeling, biological engineering, environmental management, landfill management and landscape design, etc.

Along with remarkable business performances during fifteen year period and more than one hundred project sites in Korea, Injung Consultant Co., Ltd. has provided high quality consulting and engineering services to help its clients to make business success and development in terms of their efficiencies in managing environmental and safety issues. Based on our full range of knowledge and expertise, we are fully capable of conducting a wide range of environmental services in cost-effective and punctual manner as proven by existing clients in Korea.
○ Assessment part
- Environmental Impact Assessment - Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment - Environmental Impact Review

○ Permission part
- Devise a development project - Permission of business program

○ Etc
- Land Suitability Assessment - View analysis - Location Reasonable analysis

Enterprise City, Urban, Country Club, Resort, Industry, Plant, Laboratory, Aggregate, Stream, Etc